Trees with pink flowers

There are many trees with pink flowers

There are a wide variety of tree species that have pink flowers, both tropical and subtropical, as well as those that live in habitats where the climate is temperate. This is interesting because when they bloom, they are a perfect excuse to, for example, make the garden look much prettier, or to attract attention to a certain area.

So, if you are one of those who wants to know what are the most beautiful trees with pink flowers, the first thing I am going to tell you is that it is not easy to select only a few. But hey, we're going to try.

In order to make it easier for you to find your new favorite tree, we are going to recommend five species for temperate climates, and another five for hot climates.

Trees with pink flowers that resist frost

There are many, many trees that have flowers of that color and that, in addition, are able to resist temperatures below zero. We are left with these:

Acacia of Constantinople (Albizia julibrissin)

Albizia julibrissin is a deciduous tree

Image - Wikimedia / Famartin

La Albizia julibrissin, badly called acacia of Constantinople because it is not related to the plants of the genus Acacia, It is a deciduous tree with a parasol crown that reaches 15 meters in height.. The flowers appear in inflorescences throughout the summer, and are pink in color. The fruit is a legume that finishes ripening early, during the fall. Of course, you should know that during its youth it can grow at a rather slow rate, but it does not need much care and it also resists frosts of up to -10ºC.

Pink-flowered almond (Almond)

The almond tree can have pink flowers

El almond It is a deciduous tree native to Asia, but it has been in the Mediterranean for so long that it would not be strange to think that it is native to this region. It can reach a height of about 8 or 9 meters, but in general it is pruned so that it does not grow so much and, thus, be able to pick the almonds better during the summer (although when they are ripe they are very good, we recommend trying them when they are still green, since they also have a good flavor). Its flowers are white (it is the most common), or white-pink, and appear at the end of winter, before the leaves do. It supports moderate frosts.

Jupiter tree (Lagerstroemia indica)

The tree of Jupiter has pink flowers

El jupiter tree It is a deciduous tree up to 8 meters high. Also native to Asia. Its growth rate is rather slow, but one of its best qualities is that it flowers at a very early age, in spring. In addition, during the fall the leaves turn from green to orange or reddish if it is planted in soil with an acidic pH and the climate is temperate. As for its resistance to cold, it is remarkable, since it withstands frosts of up to -18ºC.

Tree of loveCercis siliquastrum)

The tree of love has pink flowers

El love tree, or Judas tree as it is also called, is a small deciduous tree native to the north and east of the Mediterranean region. It grows up to 6 meters in height, and over time can develop a crown about 4 meters wide. The leaves are rounded and green in color. During the spring, usually from April (in the northern hemisphere), when the temperatures are already beginning to be pleasant, it is full of dark pink flowers. It tolerates frost well down to -12ºC.

pink flowering dogwood (cornus florida)

The flowering dogwood is a deciduous tree

El flowering dogwood It is a deciduous tree native to North America. It reaches a height of 10 meters, and can develop a very wide crown, 5 or 6 meters. But if you wish, you can prune it at the end of winter, since it is a plant that recovers well from it. Of course, keep in mind that its flowers can be white, or pink as in the 'Rubra' variety. It resists frost down to -18ºC, although to grow healthy it is important that it be planted in land with a low pH, since in clay soils it will have problems due to the lack of iron.

Trees with pink flowers for tropical and subtropical climates

If you live in a place where frosts are never recorded, or there are but they are very weak, punctual and last a short time, then you may have one of these trees:

Cassia of Java (Cassia javanica)

Cassia javanica has pink flowers

Image - Wikimedia / Rison Thumboor

Java cassia is an evergreen or semi-deciduous tree depending on the climate native to Southeast Asia that can be 20 meters tall. It produces leaves about 35 centimeters long composed of up to 17 pairs of green leaflets. Its flowers are pink, and measure approximately 3-4 centimeters in diameter. These sprout in spring. It grows without problems in tropical climates, but it also lives in places with cool winters, being able to withstand up to 5 degrees.

Frangipani (red plumeria)

Plumeria is a tropical tree

Image - Wikimedia / Hans Hillewaert

The frangipani or plumeria It is a deciduous tree that grows from Mexico to Venezuela. Reaches 8 meters in height, and has a rather narrow crown, about 2-3 meters wide. The leaves are green, up to 30 centimeters long, and lance-shaped. Its flowers bloom in summer and do so grouped in panicles. These are white, pink or even slightly reddish, very, very fragrant. It withstands cold, but not frost unless it is a bit sheltered and said frost is only -1ºC.

Gliricidia sepium

Trees with pink flowers are beautiful

Image - Flickr / barloventomagico

La Gliricidia sepium It is an evergreen tree native from southern Mexico to Colombia. It reaches a height of 15 meters, and has leaves made up of green leaflets. Its flowers are pink, and sprout at the end of the branches. It is a plant very sensitive to cold, which only grows well if the minimum temperature is equal to or greater than 18ºC.

Pink Guaiacan (Tabebuia rosea)

The pink guayacán has pink flowers

Image - Wikimedia / Alejandro Bayer Tamayo

The pink guayacán is a native tree from Mexico to Peru. It is deciduous, and usually reaches 10 meters in height, but in its natural habitat it can grow taller (20-25 meters). Its leaves are palmate, and quite large, since they measure about 30 centimeters long. It is a plant that produces numerous bell-shaped pink or lavender flowers to the point that the foliage is practically hidden behind them. Its life expectancy is about 50 years, and it does not like the cold at all. If the temperature is going to drop below 0 degrees, you will need protection.

mussaenda alice

The Mussaenda Alicia has pink flowers

Image - Flickr / mauro halpern

La mussaenda alice It is not a tree, but an evergreen shrub native to Brazil that you can have as a small tree. Reaches a maximum height of 4 meters, with a crown of about 2 meters, and has leaves that measure up to 20 centimeters in length. Its flowers are pink, and sprout in inflorescences. It is a plant that must be in a place where the climate is warm throughout the year, as it does not resist frost.

What do you think of these trees with pink flowers?

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      Hello isbael.
      Many of the trees that we mention in the article can only live in temperate climates, where the four seasons are well differentiated.
      For tropical climate, I would recommend the Plumeria, the guayacán or the cassia of Java.
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