Small trees for garden

There are several trees for small gardens

Are there small trees that can be had in a garden? Well, for this, one would first have to ask what a small tree is, because sometimes we confuse shrubs that grow like little trees with arboreal plants. And for that you have to know that A tree is any woody plant that generally develops a trunk which branches at a certain height from the ground, and that also reaches at least five meters high..

For this reason, no matter how much, for example, a plant like the Polygala myrtifolia looks like a tree, it is not considered one because it stays alone at 3-4 meters. However, there are small trees for gardens that are really beautiful.

Acacia of Constantinople (Albizia julibrissin)

The albizia julibrissin is a deciduous tree

Image - Wikimedia / Gmihail

La Albizia julibrissin It is a deciduous tree that develops an umbrella-shaped crown made up of numerous bipinnate green leaves. Its trunk remains thin throughout its life, and when it flowers, which it does in spring, pink flowers sprout at the top of said cup. Reaches 10 meters in height approximately, and casts a good shadow.

It is a species that, depending on the area and the climate, can grow more or less quickly. I have one and the truth is that it grows quite slowly, about ten centimeters per year. But the good thing is that it is very easy to get grown specimens -two meters or so- in nurseries at an interesting price, so you won't have to wait long to enjoy their flowers. Resists up to -12ºC.

Orchid tree (bauhinia purpurea)

The bauhinia has beautiful flowers

Image - Wikimedia / PEAK99

La bauhinia purpurea it is another deciduous tree that produces magnificent flowers in spring. These are pink-purple in color (hence the name of the species), and are quite large, measuring about 7 centimeters wide. It reaches a height of at least 5 meters, and can reach 10 meters over time.

Although it supports the cold well, and even moderate frosts (down to -7ºC), I recommend keeping it protected from strong winds especially when young.

Garnet maple (Acer opalus subsp garnatense)

The acer granatense grows on limestone soil

the maroon maple it is a deciduous tree that reaches 8 meters in height, although it often acquires a bushy habit. It has green leaves during spring and summer, and red in autumn before falling. The flowers appear at the end of winter, and are very small and inconspicuous.

It is one of the few maples that grows on limestone soils, and one of the best resistant to heat (up to 35ºC as long as it is punctual). Also, you have to know that it supports frosts of up to -12ºC.

Tree Privet (Ligustrum Lucidum)

The privet is an evergreen tree

Image - Flickr / mauro halpern

The arboreal privet It is an evergreen tree that reaches a height of up to 15 meters, although by means of pruning it can be obtained with a lower height. It develops a more or less straight trunk and a rounded crown, made up of green and somewhat leathery leaves. Its flowers are white and are grouped in inflorescences that usually appear above the foliage.

Recommended for small gardens, whether they are in a city or a town. Tolerates pollution well; in fact, this is one of the reasons why plants are usually planted in urban centers; In addition, it is not harmed by moderate frosts (up to -12ºC).

Japanese cherry (Prunus serrulata)

The Prunus serrulata is a small tree

Image - Flickr / mauro halpern

El japanese cherry It is a deciduous tree that reaches a height of 10 meters. It develops a wide crown, which reaches about 4-5 meters. Its pink flowers appear in large numbers in early spring. Its growth rate is medium, that is, it is neither fast nor slow: it grows approximately 15 centimeters a year.

Due to the shadow that its crown projects, it is interesting to plant a specimen in the relaxation area of ​​the garden. Now, you should keep in mind that needs a temperate climate and nutrient-rich soil to live. It tolerates moderate frosts.

bitter orange (Citrus × aurantium)

Bitter orange is an evergreen tree.

Image - Wikimedia / Zeynel Cebeci

Bitter orange is a citrus that, like the rest of the species of the genus (Citrus) is evergreen. Reaches a height of about 8 meters, although as it tolerates pruning quite well, it is possible to keep it at 5-6 meters or even less. The leaves are dark green, and it is a plant that produces white and aromatic flowers, and some fruits that, although they cannot be eaten fresh due to their flavor, are often used to prepare jams.

It is a tree that can look great at the entrance to your small garden, because when it blooms, the first thing you will feel is the sweet aroma of its flowers. In addition, You should know that it supports temperatures of up to -6ºC well.

medlar (Eriobotrya japonica)

The medlar is a perennial fruit tree

Image - Wikimedia / Salicyna

El medlar It is an evergreen fruit tree reaches a height of between 6 and 9 meters. It develops a wide crown, which reaches about 4 meters wide. This is made up of lanceolate leaves, with a dark green upper part and quite hairy. Its flowers are white and, as you know, it produces round fruits suitable for human consumption.

Grows well in different types of soils, such as clay. It resists the wind and, also, temperatures below zero (up to -18ºC).

What do you think of these small garden trees?

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