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There are very beautiful trees

Image – Flickr/Stanley Zimny

It is very difficult to make a list of beautiful trees because, of course, the ones that I like may seem to you, I don't know, very common and/or not very showy. But even so, I am going to show you those that, I consider, have a very high ornamental value. Do not worry: you will see that there are evergreen, deciduous, as well as with and without showy flowers.

i will also tell you what are its main characteristics, as well as the lowest temperature it could withstand. In this way, you can get an idea of ​​​​if it is an ideal tree for your garden.

Queensland Bottle Tree (Brachychiton rupestris)

The Brachychiton rupestris is a beautiful tree

Image – Flickr/Louisa Billeter

El Queensland bottle tree It is a tree that I personally love. It has a certain resemblance to the baobab (Adansonia), but it is much more resistant to cold, so it is even more interesting. It reaches 20 meters in height, and has a trunk that, as you can imagine, looks like a bottle.

Its leaves are semi-deciduous, which means that the plant does not drop all of them (the amount will depend on the conditions: the temperatures, and if it has available water). Mine, for example, which is in the south of Mallorca, usually loses some in winter, during or after the cold. It withstands drought as well as frosts of up to -4ºC.

Tibetan cherry (prunus serrula)

Although there is no doubt that the Japanese cherry tree (Prunus serrulata) is a beautiful tree, I consider that the prunus serrula it is even more beautiful due to the color of its bark, which is reddish-brown. It is deciduous, and can reach a height of 8 meters. During the spring they sprout pink flowers, about 2 centimeters, and they do so at the same time that the leaves sprout.

Its growth rate is fast, but it is a demanding plant: it is extremely important that it be planted in well-drained soil, and in a cool place. In other words, it is not a tree that can withstand summers with extreme temperatures. It tolerates moderate frosts well, down to -18ºC.

Holm oak (Quercus ilex)

The oak is an evergreen tree

Image – Wikimedia/Ksarasola

La Holm oak or the chaparro is an evergreen tree native to southern Europe, including Spain (specifically from the Iberian Peninsula and the Balearic archipelago). It can reach a height of about 20 meters, rarely 25 meters, and its crown is wide, about 5 meters, and leafy. Its flowers are yellow catkins, and the fruit, the acorn, measures about 3 centimeters and is edible.

It is a tree that withstands -almost- everything as long as it is not very extreme: heat, drought. Also, resists up to -12ºC.

Ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba)

Ginkgo biloba is a deciduous tree

Image - Wikimedia / そ ら み み (Soramimi)

El ginkgo or pagoda tree is a deciduous plant that, over time, can reach 35 meters in height. And I say, over time, because its growth rate is quite slow. It has green leaves, which however turn yellow or orange in autumn.. Also, it must be said that these are fan-shaped, so they are very beautiful.

Its evolution began about 50 million years ago, so it is considered a living fossil. One more reason to grow it. In addition, it grows in both acidic and alkaline soils, and it resists frost down to -18ºC.

Yellow guayacan (Handroanthus chrysanthus)

The guayacan is a tropical tree

Image - Flickr / ChrisGoldNY

The yellow guayacán is a deciduous tree of tropical origin that reaches a height of 5 to 6 meters. Its crown is wide, so it casts a lot of shade. Its leaves fall during periods of drought, but they sprout again as soon as water becomes available. This is interesting, because assuming that it is grown in an area where there are no frosts or periods of low rainfall, it is possible that it will remain evergreen.

When it blooms, it produces its flowers, it becomes a very striking plant, which can be seen from several meters away. The problem is that can't stand the cold: only up to 0 degrees.

Jacaranda (jacaranda mimosifolia)

The jacaranda is a beautiful tree

Image - Wikimedia / Kgbo

El rosewood It is a deciduous or semi-deciduous tree that reaches 20 meters in height, although it can stay lower. It is a very pretty plant, with bipinnate leaves that populate a cup which is usually irregular or takes on the shape of an umbrella. During the spring it produces bell-shaped lilac flowers.

It is widely planted in gardens, due to its great ornamental value and easy cultivation. And if that was not enough, withstands light frosts well up to -2ºC, but it must be protected from the wind.

Spanish fir (abies pinsapo)

The Spanish fir is an evergreen conifer

Image - Wikimedia / Diliff

The pinsapo fir, or simply pinsapo, It is an evergreen conifer with conical shape. that we also find in the Iberian Peninsula. It reaches 30 meters in height, with a crown whose base measures about 4 or 5 meters in the most mature specimens.

It is a slow growing plant who likes the cool Mediterranean climate, of the mountains. In addition, it needs fertile soil with excellent drainage. Withstands up to -14ºC.

What do you think of my list of pretty trees? Would you remove or add any?

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