How to take care of trees with organic fertilizer?

Trees need fertilizer

Trees, in addition to water, need nutrients to be able to grow. Their roots are in charge of searching for that food, but if they can't find it, the plants will begin to have serious problems: the leaves will dry up until they fall, and if they have fruits, they won't ripen.

Fortunately, we can help them by throwing some kind of organic fertilizer. This, unlike compounds or chemicals, can not only cover the nutritional needs of our trees, but also contribute to improving the properties of the soil in which they grow, increasing its fertility.

What is an organic fertilizer?

Horse manure is very useful

Millions of years before humans began to manufacture compound (chemical) fertilizers, tree roots had already perfected their search and absorption techniques for nutrients. Whether they live in an open field or in a forest, decaying organic matter is always nearby.: other plants, excrements, and although it may sound a bit cruel, also animal bodies.

As all this organic matter or, as it can also be called, organic fertilizer, decomposes, releases nutrients that go to the soil. Once there, as soon as it rains, the roots can carry out their function: absorb them and quickly send them to the rest of the plant. In this way, she will be able to grow, flourish, and what is more important: bear fruit.

Types of organic fertilizers

Organic fertilizers can be classified into three groups: solid, liquid and green manure:

solid fertilizers

In gardening they are the most used, for being easy to handle and for having, in general, a somewhat greater efficiency. In this group we find the earthworm humus, compost, manure, guano (seabird or bat droppings) or the bokashi (It is the result of the fermentation of a series of mixed dry materials).

Liquid fertilizers

Within the liquid fertilizers we have the slurry, biol, seaweed extract fertilizer, or even the guano in liquid form. They are very interesting when you want to fertilize trees that are in pots, since they allow you to keep them healthy without modifying the characteristics of the substrate.

Green manure

As green manure there is only one thing: Facilities. What is done is to sow seeds of legumes (which are rich in nitrogen) or fodder, let them grow, and shortly before they flower they are cut, chopped and finally buried in the soil to decompose, thus fertilizing the crops.

How to take care of the trees with this type of fertilizer?

Organic compost is ideal for fertilizing trees

If we want to have trees that are in good health, it is highly recommended to fertilize them with organic fertilizers throughout the year. But yes, It will be during their growing season, which usually coincides with the spring and summer months, when they will need them the most. it will be when they consume more energy.

Now, how often exactly? Well, that will depend on the type of fertilizer that we are going to use. For example, if you choose to use some liquid organic fertilizer, you will have to follow the instructions on the container so that you do not add more doses than necessary; if you prefer to use a solid one, since it takes a while to break down completely, it will be poured once every 15 or 30 days or so (in winter you have to let a few more days go by, since it will take longer to get rid of).

After paying, don't hesitate to water the trees so that its root system can begin to dispose of these nutrients as soon as possible.

I hope that with these basic notions about tree fertilization, your plants can be more beautiful than ever.

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